In Action

Let’s train on an existing tag spam:

$ afew --learn spam -- tag:spam

Let’s build the reference category. This is important to reduce the false positive rate. This may take a while...

$ afew --update-reference

And now let’s create a new tag from an arbitrary query result:

$ afew -vv --learn sourceforge -- sourceforge

Let’s see how good the classification is:

$ afew --classify -- tag:inbox and not tag:killed
Sergio López <> (2011-10-08) (bug-hurd inbox lists unread) --> no match
Patrick Totzke <> (2011-10-08) (alot inbox lists) --> alot

As soon as you trained some categories, afew will automatically tag your new mails using the classifier. If you want to disable this feature, either use the –enable-filters option to override the default set of filters or remove the files in your afew state dir:

$ ls ~/.local/share/afew/categories
alot juggling  reference_category  sourceforge  spam

You need to update the category files periodically. I’d suggest to run

$ afew --update

on a weekly and

$ afew --update-reference

on a monthly basis.