Quick Start

The steps to get up and running are:

  • install the afew package
  • create the config files
  • add a notmuch post-new hook that calls afew


The following commands will get you going on Debian/Ubuntu systems:

$ sudo aptitude install notmuch python-notmuch dbacl
$ git clone git://github.com/teythoon/afew.git
$ cd afew
$ python setup.py install --prefix

Ensure that ~/.local/bin is in your path. One way is to add the following to your ~/.bashrc:

if [ -d ~/.local/bin ]; then

See Installation for a more detailed guide.

Initial Config

Make sure that ~/.notmuch-config reads:


Put a list of filters into ~/.config/afew/config:

# This is the default filter chain

And create a post-new hook for notmuch.

$ mkdir -p path/to/maildir/.notmuch/hooks
$ touch path/to/maildir/.notmuch/hooks/post-new

Then edit the post-new file to contain:

$HOME/.local/bin/afew --tag --new

Next Steps

You can:

  • add extra Filters for more custom filtering
  • make use of the Move Mode to move your email between folders
  • run afew against all your old mail by running afew –tag –all
  • start Extending afew afew